All side Welded Barrels

All Side Welded BARRELS are supplied for highly hazardous chemicals and high value products. The general specifications remain the same. However, top and bottom of the BARRELS are welded in addition to seaming operation which is done for standard BARRELS and makes the BARRELS 100% leakage proof. Uses: Welded/R-11 BARRELS are specially used for extremely hazardous products to ensure no leakages.

The BARRELS are manufactured from CRCA Sheets of 16 Gauge to 20 Gauge and meet the general specifications of IS 1783 Standard. The body for all types of BARRELS will remain the same and will be vertically welded with Resistance Seam Welding. We provide two/ multiple rolling Hoops in the body.

Size : 210,235 Litres
Thickness : 22 G to 16 G

Specification Sheet